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Alkylate gasoline 2 Stroke

Alkylate gasoline 2 Stroke

Product no  14100201


Environmentally-adapted gasoline, pre-mixed with oil suitable for 2-stroke engines such as: chainsaws, lawn trimmers, snow throwers, snow scooters, outboard engines and mopeds.

Alkylate gasoline has a very low content of harmful substances, e.g. lead, sulphur, aromatics and benzene.

Alkylate gasoline improves combustion efficiency and gives off less odour, smoke and soot deposits, which benefits the environment, health and engines. You get a more stable, cleaner performance from your engine.


Contains 2% fully-synthetic and bio-degradable 2-stroke oil. (There are a limited number of engines that require another oil compound, but that should be specified in your user manual.)

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  • Bulk (litres)
  • IBC 1000 litres
  • Drum 208 litres
  • Drum 60 litres
  • Container 25 litres
  • Container 5 litres

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