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Chemical compound Mosspar M

Mosspar M

Product no  19000001


Mosspar M is an isoparaffinic solvent with excellent solubility and is used as a cold degreaser in industry and auto care. Mosspar M is also suitable as an odourless, eco-friendly solvent for paints and varnishes, e.g. artists' paints and wood/teak oil. Other applications include aluminium rolling oil, electric discharge machining oil, handwash liquid, photocopying, catalyst carrier, in polymerisation, carrier/solute in various products including mosquito repellent oil, bactericides, etc., paraffin, lamp oil and lighter fluid.


Mosspar M is a colourless, aromatic-free, aliphatic/isoparaffinic solvent with a high boiling point, very mild odour and high flashpoint. Mosspar M has a high solubility and low evaporation and is fully bio-degradable and environmentally adapted. As lamp oil, Mosspar M is low-sooting and odour-free.

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  • IBC 770 kg
  • Drum 208 litres

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