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EAF Antifreeze Long Life Red 50/50

EAF Antifreeze Long Life Red 50/50

Product no  16806111


EAF Long Life is an ethylene-based antifreeze that is an effective & long-acting antifreeze & corrosion protection for all liquid-cooled combustion engines. The corrosion inhibitor is based on OAT (organic acid technology) & protects all metals including aluminium.

Glycols continue to provide effective corrosion protection for several years. The product is free from nitrates, amines, phosphates & silicates.


The product is miscible with most other ethylene-based glycols. For best protection we recommend a mixing ratio of 1:1 and regular checking & refilling. The product is pre-mixed.

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  • Bulk (kg)
  • IBC 1060 kg
  • Drum 208 litres

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