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We build bridges

We build bridges

As our customer you enjoy access to our world-wide network of suppliers. To our suppliers we provide a well-functioning sales and distribution organisation in Scandinavia.

Green logistics

Green logistics

As the sole distributor in the Nordic region, we import a large proportion of our volumes by sea. We then deliver our products in bulk or in packaged consignments by road or rail.

Meeting the future responsibly

Meeting the future responsibly

We are a green company. By distributing environmentally enhancing products such as AdBlue, Biodiesel, ammonia and urea solutions and environmentally adapted Alkylate petrol, we take a holistic responsibility for the future.

Know-how, responsibility & control

Know-how, responsibility & control

Our customers should always feel secure with us as their supplier. Safety and regulatory compliance are as natural for us as delivering the right product at the right time.

Industrial chemicals

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NOx reduction

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Special fuels

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Automotive chemicals

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From Global To Regional

FRED HOLMBERG & CO AB has its head office in Limhamn in Malmö and a tank terminal in Kalmar. The company also operates via subsidiaries in Finland, Norway, Germany and Poland. Based on many years' experience in the distribution and trading of chemicals, we are firmly established as a strong and efficient distribution company in chemicals, biofuels and NOx reduction. Our sales are focused on Northern Europe, but when it comes to the supply of goods, the whole world is our playing field.

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